Our Team

Meet our Team! A diverse group of top-notch, dedicated, skilled Professionals, who spend most of their time uplifting, enhancing and improving the financial lives of families across Ontario every day of the year! 

Joanne Ervi
Lead Financial Agent

Joanne Ervi has worked in the financial arena for over 15 years and whether she is working with business owners, professionals, families, young adults or retirees, the one common thread is their deep desire to make smart financial decisions. Joanne has made massive strides to help clients align their finances with their values, take advantage of opportunities, reduce financial stress, and maintain balance along the way

Nadira Haniff
Marketing Coordinator

Ms. Haniff brings to the table a core set of values, mastery of business and a robust skillset. She has over the years built and managed successful companies, coached and advised many outstanding entrepreneurs. She is a master at finding the strengths in people and adding the catalyst to ignite the resilience and will to win! Ms. Haniff's mantra: "Our people are our world's greatest asset! Together We are Unstoppable! "

Beverley MacNaughton
Financial Agent

Beverley is no stranger to the financial industry and has been serving families for many years. She has made it her mission during Covid and post Covid, to focus as a Financial Advisor on working with families to identify what’s really important to them and provide custom solutions. She unselfishly educates families on a daily basis so that they can embark on the journey of re-building their financial future.  

Denise Dunbar-Miller
Financial Agent

Denise Dunbar-Miller has been in the financial industry for  over fifteen years. She is passionate about helping families strive towards their goals by showing them that  a smart financial plan, consistency, and an advisor who truly cares makes all the difference. She takes her role as an advisor very seriously and takes great pride in teaching families to achieve financial stability.

Tajinder Singh
Financial Agent

Tajinder Singh has had several years of working experience in the insurance industry. He is very much driven to educate youths and families about personal finances. He strives to convey to all clients that their small, smart decisions can make a big difference in their financial future. He is very motivated by working to improve the lives of Canadians and ensuring families move ahead financially.

Elaine 2.jpg
Elaine Allen
Financial Agent

Elaine Allen has been in the financial industry for  over 2 years. While she is fairly new to the industry, her passion for helping families goes way beyond those years. She finds every opportunity to teach and educate clients about creating wealth and leaving a legacy for their families. She embraces our motto, no family should be left behind. Every one deserves the opportunity to be given the tools to to improve their finances. 

Karla Gutierrez
Financial Agent

Karla Gutierrez with over six years working experience in the insurance and investment industry is very passionate about personal finance and strives to help people understand how small changes can make a big difference. She spends her days working as a financial advisor and mentor. Karla is excited about transforming the lives of Canadians and ensuring families receive sound financial advice.

 Team Work Makes The Difference!