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The purpose of Life Insurance  is typically to protect families who depend on the insured person financially. Life Insurance is also used to cover final expenses, or to leave funds for loved ones in the event that the life insured passes away. However, outside of the family circle, a key person insurance would be a life insurance which covers the life of a 'key' person in the business.


How do you decide which type is best for you? How are you able to compare value and cost across the providers/insurers in Ontario, so that you know you are getting the best product for your money? 



Critical Illness insurance is a tax-free, living benefit designed to provide a lump sum of money to protect you and your family financially while recovering from a major life event for example: heart attack, stroke, or cancer.


While everyone should have this type of protection it is especially recommended if one or more of your family members has a history of cancer, heart disease or diabetes. Some types of CI coverage may refund all of your premiums if there are no claims over a period of time.


Universal Life policies have had a major overhaul over the years and have become much more transparent and easier to understand. Typically there are two portions to a Universal Life policy: the insurance and the investment. Cash Values accumulate and revisions may be made to the policy, adjusting the Death Benefit and the Premiums without having to go through the administration of getting a new policy.    


How do you decide if a Universal Life policy is right for you? And how does the Investment portion work?                


Everyone works hard for their money and everyone wants their money to work hard for them! As such, we all know that we should be putting aside money to build wealth. The unsettling fact is that we are now living in very unpredictable and uncertain times hence, many families are wary about where they put their hard earn dollars to grow. Decision making becomes more difficult in unstable times. The Covid-19 pandemic has dominated the news waves, and have a direct impact on our life...