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We Serve Families. At ActionWinner Financial Group, we believe that every individual and every family has the capability to achieve true Financial Freedom.  But to attain this goal, you must know the rules of the game and take action! Knowledge is important but application of that knowledge is even more crucially important.  At ActionWinner Financial Group we provide you the expertise, the tools & the implementation everyday to confidently get you on that journey.


ActionWinner Group is a full service Financial Group focusing on building and implementation of a robust financial strategy for individuals and families


  • Life Insurance Protection

  • Critical Illness

  • Accident & Sickness Disability

  • Emergency Fund

  • Wealth Building  Investments

  • RRSPs. TFSAs

  • Education Funds

  • Debt Freedom Strategies 


At ActionWinner Financial Group our focus is on educating clients so that they have the working knowledge, to make smart decisions for their families.

Clients make well informed decisions when they understand the principles of insurance, investments, wealth management, debt management and expense management. Having participated in the decision making process, clients are empowered and better committed to their financial stability and goals.



A pandemic still rages outside our doors. Going about our daily lives, none of us ever imagined it could get this uncertain and this scary. Yes, we heard and read, that maybe someday, something will strike but that day seemed so far away. Today, many of us are still very wary of this novel COVID-19, fearful that it will strike harder the moment we let our guard down.

Many families have dipped into their savings and emergency funds are eroding. Jobs have been lost. Many are working from home. Children are still out of school. We are masked and gloved as we step outside our home. This is our new normal. Yes, families have been hit hard and are worried about the days ahead.

But even as we grapple with this new norm, we must develop and harness a resilience within us, to push past these tough times and begin to adapt to a post Covid-19 reality. A lot has changed in the world of finance, and as consumers we must strive to understand, learn and take charge of our financial future with renewed determination. Time has become of the essence... 


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